Copper matt pod

  • Copper matt pod
  • Copper matt pod
  • Copper matt pod

Completely unique these little copper flash pots are made using a copper flash raku technique.

The flash is the part that creates the cool rainbow of markings, you take the pot out the kiln at 960 degrees and put it in a reduction (no oxygen) environment with a combustible, then you re expose the pot to air (a flash of air) - as the flame licks across the glaze a magical (chemical) reaction takes place and deposits minerals in a spectrum of colours like a peacocks feather.

For me they are like rainbows stored inside a magical pebble or artefact.
Everyone is completely different and totally unique. I make them small so that they are like little treasures...

(They are a raku glaze so don’t polish these beauties as the glaze will tarnish. Best kept out of direct sunlight to maintain their vivid colours)