Giant crunkle tower of lights

Sold out £198.00

What happens when a Crunkle evolves into a longer seaside inspired form?! The Longkle is born!

Crunkles are my oldest friend and most beloved creation. They take me forever to make so I only make a few.

They are made from a single ball of clay that I pinch and mould into a giant pearl like coral form, then when it is at the perfect point between wet and dry I perforate it with a pencil. Each hole is delicately made and for me really helps with mindfullness and relaxation. Hopefully that comes across with their calming vibe.

This Longkle listing is for the exact extra large ceramic piece pictured. It’s designed to be best appreciated lit up. The large opening on the bottom means you can put it over an existing bulb, fairy lights or candle (if you keep an eye it) The perforations should cast patterns that I love.

This Longkle is a whopping 26cm tall roughly 13 cm width with oval opening at the bottom