Do you take commissions?
I don't take commissions at the moment. I try to make a wide variety of different ceramics so hopefully something is the perfect fit for you. 

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, everything is available to post internationally. Import charges are not included and may be added by countries on arrival. 

Who makes your Small Pottery wheel?
The small pottery wheel I use is made by Small Ceramics. They make each wheel and release them in batches and are definitely worth the wait as they are much more powerful and robust than other wheels I've tried. www.SmallCeramics.com 

I'm a creative/brand looking to collaborate, can I send you details?
Definitely I love a collaboration! Whether just an Instagram post or working on something together. There is a contact form on my website or email [email protected] 

Do you hand make everything?
Yes! All my ceramics is made here in Brighton on the English South Coast. I don't use moulds or casts meaning each piece has that unique element. I like ceramics to have a handmade look and proudly make each piece so any support is hugely appreciated.

Can I ask about a specific item on the website? 
Sure send me a message on the contact form if I have missed off dimensions or you'd like a specific picture. I've found different coloured backgrounds seem to gives the pieces different tones in photographs so try my best to have a few shots.

I have a question about Microwave Firing
On my Instagram I have tried to compile answers to questions in a story highlight. And Instagram is probably the best place to write a question on one of my video and I'll reply there 

Do you have a shop or studio I can visit?
At the moment my ceramics is just available to order online from AdamCeramic.com but me, Dan and Egg do a few craft fairs each year where pieces are available to see first and we get to say hello. They'll be announced on my social media channels.