Pink and blue cupcake stand


Cake and Pottery are like family! You rarely get one without the other and both can be super fun. We had a really camp over the top pastel cake for our wedding made by our new friend Becky. She wowed us with her piping skills so It wasn't long before I was mixing up slip to try making clay cakes. We soon realised that clay cake stands would be super fun too so we set about making a whole range of clay/cake hybrids. Each piece is thrown on the pottery wheel then to get the pops of pastel colours I hand paint each one. Becky then pipes on the slip by hand which is a skill that wows me every time!

Hopefully this piece of Claykery (clay and bakery) is super fun, filled with camp party vibes and a level of detail that makes it a piece of art in its own right. We even thought about what you could use them for when you don't have cake - so have made them into fun two tier sweet dishes when you turn them upside down. We have not seen this before so hope that these pieces are the first ever limited run of- hopefully a long line of reversible stands!

The Clay-kery is open and we are super excited to have Becky from @beemaybaker on board! if you need a cake to go with this ceramic stand check her out at

This piece is a great size for a tiny cake or cupcake, the top circle is 9.5cm