Classic Crunkle

£17.99 - £69.00

Crunkles are my oldest friend and most beloved creation. They take me forever to make so I only make a few - keep your eyes peeled!

They are made from a single ball of clay that I pinch and mould into a giant pearl like coral form, then when it is at the perfect point between wet and dry I perforate it with a pencil. Each hole is delicately made and for me really helps with mindfullness and relaxation. Hopefully that comes across with their calming vibe.

As you will see with a lot of my creations I usually quite like to add detail and fragile forms to things and this was once the case with the Crunkle. The very first Crunkles were inspired by coral and sea urchins and had spikes surrounding every hole which took weeks to do ( I was in a wheelchair at the time so it gave me focus and drive .) - then one day I accidentally let all the un-spiked forms dry so thought id fire them anyway and discovered that the thin clay form would glow when lit from within, and with a candle inside the flickering of the flame really appealed to my love of magic and the idea that these could be alive creatures. So the Crunckle was born and I have been making them ever since.

For a long time Crunckles and Pinch pots mounted on drift wood were the only things i knew how to make but i have diversified a lot on the last few years, ceramics is just too exciting! If I could only take one thing to a desert island with me it would definitely be a crunckle.

Because they are hand made each one is unique so the one you receive may vary slightly from pictured. I quite like that there is the added surprise of uniqueness. Measurements are for the width of the sphere and baby & small size may not fit candles.