Moonlight Bumble bee


Magical metallic rainbow Blumble Bees 🐝

moonlight wing flys at twilight and through moonbeams.

I like to imagine that this is an artefact from an adventure in distant lands - like an idol to the majestic bumble bee, made in its honour. So have given them a display under this glass closhe like being in a museum. Hopefully this makes them fun curiosity’s and helps you imagine the magical land they may have once lived in.

Each sculpted Bee has been raku fired with a glaze that responds to changes in the air. The reduction atmosphere created by fire and smoke turns any green areas into its metallic origin copper, then when exposed back to the air the oxygen creates lustres and rainbows. Each one is completely unique and a moment of time frozen into the glaze. I find Raku completely magical which becomes even more amazing when done in a microwave.

The frame is 10x10cm