High and low tide vessel


Washed ashore and infused with elements of the land and sea, these pieces of saltwater pottery give a feeling that they have been here forever waiting to be discovered. Thrown on a mini pottery wheel I use sea water to wet and lubricate the clay when I am throwing. The surface of the clay vase is coloured to give a warmth of the sunrise, this creates a warm earthy texture before finishing with a magma glaze that toasts the iron at the edges. Magma fizzes and bubbles in the heat of the kiln and gives an effect like seafoam or barnacles. I think it makes these mini vases look like artefacts that have been hiding in the deep sea for centuries, only just washed ashore and ready to be discovered.

Great to house single stem small flowers or fill them up with all your daydreams.

8cm tall
6cm wide