Watcher Vase

£18.99 - £32.99
  • Watcher Vase
  • Watcher Vase
  • Watcher Vase
  • Watcher Vase

These slim vases are all made by hand and slightly different in the best way. The ceramic is dipped in two glazed which a turquoise with layers of colour. The simple, watching face is left unglazed surrounded by its colourful body. I love unglazed clay so having the rough body show is a nod to my early ceramics.

These are glazed inside so suitable for little posies but I love them for dried flowers as it keeps them nice and light (and you can find great hairstyles for them).

Fans of a wobbly bottom will be pleased - as this gang don’t always sit straight (but I feel like that adds to their personality)

Each Watcher is handmade so sizes vary, but are in the following groups to allow for an online listing:
Smallest: 8.5cm
Small: 9.5-11cm
Medium: 12.5- 13.5cm
Large: 15-16.5cm
Largest: 17.5-20cm