Winter Watcher vase

£34.99 - £39.99

Special Winter Watcher vases are wrapped up for the cold weather with long scarfs to match their long bodies. Each comes with a pinky tone scarf (these are sent at random but they can be matching scarfs or the same if grabbing more than one - put in notes at the checkout)

Watchers are one of my most beloved makes and we’re among the first clay creations to go on my website. The ceramic is dipped in two glazed which a turquoise with layers of colour. The simple, watching face is left unglazed surrounded by its colourful body. I love unglazed clay so having the rough body show is a nod to my early ceramics.

These are glazed inside so suitable for fresh flowers but I love them for dried flowers as it keeps them nice and light (and you can find great hairstyles for them).

Standard: around 18cm
Tall: around 23cm

One supplied. Due to handmade nature of the product, allow for 1-2cm difference in height and slight differences in the glaze.