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Sea pearls

  • Sea pearls

Im fascinated by the sea, how there are so many things under the waves that are there waiting to be discovered. When I’m sat making at home I like to let my imagination drift and think of mythical beasts and magical worlds and of the objects that would exist within these realms.

When I make my sea pearls i like to think that each one has a little bit of mystery and magic inside. Like pollen drifting through the seas they have been set adrift to find new homes and start new stories.

Each pearl is made by hand and pinched from a ball of clay. The turquoise glaze is one that I have learned to mix myself by combining layers of white and green glaze to give the fizz of bubbles in the shoreline of a beach on a hot summers day.

These sea pearls are all slightly different so the one you receive may vary slightly from the picture but it is one from this cluster. I quite like that there is the added surprise of uniqueness.

Each pearl is between six and seven centimetres on diameter. The perfect size to fit on any shelf and add a bit of curiosity and intrigue.