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Raku Butterfly & Moth Collection

  • Raku Butterfly & Moth Collection
  • Raku Butterfly & Moth Collection

Framed hand built ceramic Butterflies inspired by Victorian insect collections. The vivid mix of glaze effects are achieved by removing the ceramics from the kiln at 900 degrees and plunging them in cold water.

These three Butterflies come as a special set at a reduced individual price. The Wave Wing Butterfly is coated in a speckled blue and purple Raku glaze. The Flame Moth has a rainbow of colours and a smoke scared body. The Wander spirit moth has earthy tones and with a smoke scared body.

Frame size is 20x20cm made from wood & glass. These frames may have slight small imperfections as the first big frames we are using - we are currently looking for tougher frames. Each butterfly comes signed and numbered.