Lovers face pots (pair)

  • Lovers face pots (pair)
  • Lovers face pots (pair)
  • Lovers face pots (pair)

Face pots are a form and style that me and Dan love to make together, My set on throw down was inspired by a pot that Dan had made for me once and so it bought him into the adventure too. Since then we sit and make them together in the summer - out of all the messiest clays!

These contrasting red and black clay mixes that have a really earthy tone and are non glazed so you can really feel the elemental texture of the clay. They are intended as sculptural pieces but me and dan do enjoy giving them various hair styles with cut grass and dried flowers.

They look so happy together that we just couldn't bare to split them up, so they are sold as a pair.

small 14cm
larger one 17cm