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Emerald Crackle Orb

  • Emerald Crackle Orb
  • Emerald Crackle Orb
  • Emerald Crackle Orb

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I make these orbs with my reclaim clay (recycled clay) made into slip and cast into satisfying round orbs. I love using reclaim as it means the textures of the different types of clay mixed together make a natural looking, earthy ceramic.

After their first firing in the kiln I then glaze them ready to go for round two! To compliment the earthy ceramic I use a white crackle glaze which gives natural decoration on the surface of each orb, I love the randomness! And with a dash of copper carbonate, a flash of green coats them all in different amounts.

This special listing is for a random orb! You’ll get the same feeling of unwrapping the order as I do opening the kiln - discovering how yours is naturally decorated when it arrives. All covered are white crackle glaze with different amounts of green.

They are around 10cm wide and glazed inside so can be used for flowers.