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Set of 4 Dew pods

  • Set of 4 Dew pods
  • Set of 4 Dew pods

A set of four pod vessels with a copper carbonate hand mixed dew glaze using recycled clay.

I like leaving the base of the vessels raw and unglazed so that you can see and feel the marks made when it was created. I like how for me this makes them feel more like an artefact and a definitely hand crafted piece.

The narrow top means you get the full effect of the glaze as it has melted around the form and it also gives you something to look at when the vase is not filled with flowers- so it still looks interesting on your shelf.

I like to approach things that I make letting my imagination drift and to think of mythical beasts and magical worlds and of the objects that would exist within these realms. I could see this vase in the Atlantis in my mind, but it would look fab in your house too.