8 Garden tentacles

£115.00 - £145.00
  • 8 Garden tentacles
  • 8 Garden tentacles
  • 8 Garden tentacles

I Love to make tentacles - they are one of the forms that helps me calm down and centre myself when I'm anxious or have had a duf day. There is something optimistic and whimsical about them that I really like.

And because an octopus needs eight legs i have made these sets of eight that come all in one package. They have points at the end so that they can pe pushed into loose soil or sand - whatever you have in your garden or house plants - to make it look like there is an octopus inside.

I love the whimsy and fun that they add to a space and do also make them individually - if you would like a particular size or style do ping me a message.

They survive fine in my garden in Brighton all year round. If you are putting them in a pond I would advise removing them so they don't get encased by ice.

As they have been so popular and If there are none left again there is a cheaper option to pre order a set that i will get making asap and post out to you when they have been made, fired and glazed.